24. From College to Career - How to Get Comfortable with Growth with Adriana Chavez of JUST

24. From College to Career - How to Get Comfortable with Growth with Adriana Chavez of JUST

Show notes

On this episode, we’re talking to Adriana Chavez, Media Manager at JUST, formally known as Just Media, a fully integrated marketing agency. A few years into her career, Adriana is thriving as she explores the tech marketing and advertising industry. We’re excited for you to hear how she jump-started her career and the lessons she’s learned so far. Plus, listen in for our special announcement at the top of the show! Hope you enjoy!

Some of the topics we discussed:

  1. What internships really teach you
  2. Real talk about the transition from college life to the real world
  3. The comparison game and competition in the workplace
  4. Gratitude and learnings from your first job
  5. The value of collaboration and constructive criticism
  6. What to do when you feel stagnant
  7. How marketing and media trends reflect current events
  8. Confidence and overcoming self-doubt

Connect with Adriana and Lady Tech Marketer here:

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